Twenty Centuries since Sigmar Heldenhammer has Ruled these lands. Now the Empire he founded lies in ruins, its children at war with each other. Three so called Emperors fight over the land and worthless rabble. In this time the Faithful looked to the heavens for Guidance, so they gathered in the city of Mordeim to witness a most blessed event. A twin tailed comet burned the northern skies, the same heavenly sign that had presaged the birth of the great lord Sigmar. They rejoiced believing in their foolishness that the moment of salvation was at hand. A sign it was, but not of salvation, a sign of judgment, a sign of retribution, a sign of death. With it the wrath of sigmer descended on Mordheim. A shroud of Darkness has covered the city. Burning rain falls from the sky. Dark and twisted things of Chaos more where no life should be. Evil Flocks to what was once Mordheim, seeking out the greater evil that now resides there. But fame and fortune also lies in the city of the damned. Death or glory await in equal measures. Dare you come to Mordheim and find out what fate shall be yours?